Week 6: MKMMA – Universal Love – Understanding Versus Knowing

This week in the MKMMA, as I was reading Scroll II of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World and was thinking about all we have learned about how our subconscious works. Basically that each of us are exactly what we will to be and that the vast majority of us are passively willed by our subconscious.  I also thought of the Golden Buddah Story. Lastly, I was thinking about some of the content of the sometimes ‘out there’,  What the Bleep Do We Know!?.  These elements combined allowed be to experience an epiphany.

I am a Christian and fairly well studied but some things you just don’t really get until you you do. I suppose it is the difference between understanding and knowing. This is exactly what happened to me this week. I went from understanding to knowing something pretty important. I have heard my whole life about Jesus’ story of unconditional love. I understood it well enough, I even tried my best to practice it, but it was not natural and certainly not personal to me.

Now it is quite clear to me that Jesus was speaking about loving the original spirit that is connected to Him. This version of us is exactly perfect and exactly as God intended us to  be, not unconditional love for the subconsciously driven version of people. Using the metaphor from the Golden Buddah Story is that God has unconditional love for the golden buddhain us, not the stone buddha that we erect with our subconscious.

Now when I look around at people, I see them differently. I see peoples stone buddahs and I see their golden buddahs. I never really saw their Golden buddas before. I am seeing the unconditional love God has for us through my own eyes. Today is a good day; I see universal love.



Week 4 MKMMA – Slightly Less Puzzled

We are now in our 4th week of the MKMMA. I am still a little puzzled about all the rules around how we write our DMP (Definite Major Purpose). Although Mark and Davene have not explained the tight, rigorous rules around the DMP, they are slowly starting to explain why we are doing these numerous, but simple exercises. They are they are continuing to explain how the subconscious is a major influencer in how we make decisions. It is amazing and scarry! The proverbial puzzle is starting to come together.

On a more practical note, I found myself still struggling to get through my mid-day exercises. Change is hard!! I suppose I have just not mentally committed to changing my behavior during regular work hours. So, starting next week, I am committing to myself that I will start taking 30 minute lunch breaks in order to complete my mid-day tasks. There, its in writing. And when I write something down, I always keep my promises.



MKMMA Week 3: Conflict

The MKMMA is coming along extremely well. Our three primary goal achievement theorists Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich , Og Mandino – The Greatest Salesman in the World, and Charles Hannel  – The Master Key System have spun up a vivid motivational environment which anyone can re-imagine themselves. in week three, we continue our subconscious training regimen.

The purpose of our DMPs (Definitel Major Purpose) as described by Hill is now very clear to me.  Mark and Davene have created a brilliant yet simple approach to using the Hill/Mandino/Hannel DMP philosophies into a practical subconscious retaining system which will cause anyone to focus energy on accomplishing that which is most important and lose those things that do not create bliss.

My approach to the MKMMA takes only exactly 63 minutes per day. To my dismay, I had a brutal day-job work week. It was a significant accomplishment to get through half of what I committed to myself. I will eventually figure out how to get it all done.

This said, now that I have my DMP, weeks like this just add fuel to the rocket to advance myself closer and closer to my DMP regardless of the pressure.

No Pressure. No Diamonds.

#neverquit #MKMMA


Week 2 MKMMA: Thinking of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

In the summer of 2016 I was driving myself, my wife, and my kids, from our company convention in Salt Lake City Utah to our home in north Texas. It was a three day drive over which wife read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill out loud to me. I had heard about this book years prior but never spent the time to read it.

The concepts in the book were simple. If one has a burning desire, they are much more likely to achieve that desire. In fact you only needed to project your intentions into the Universe and the Universe will provide that which you need to succeed.

Simple enough right? The only issue was Napoleon Hill never wrote HOW to obtain a burning desire if you didn’t already have one.

This week in the MKMMA, we started to learn how to take our vision of a primary aim in life and turn it into a burning desire. A desire that our subconscious cannot stop thinking about and, according to Hill,  will take creativity from the universe and apply it to achieving our primary aim for our life.

Exciting times. #MKMMA

Week1 MKMMA: The Calling

Stacy and I have been much more aware of the things being put in front of our lives. I now fully believe that everything I need to have the future of my dreams already exists in the universe. I simply needed to give in and listen.

This said, I was drawn to Mark and Davene’s Master Key Experience. I wasn’t exactly sure why, but after sitting through the first course, I know this is exactly what I needed in my life exactly at the right time. #MKMMA

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